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ZŁOTA 44’s innovative facade

The discussion around the facade of Złota 44 is dominated by arguments relating to its look. The topic of the facade also crops up in the context of the owners’ alleged tinkering with Daniel Libeskind’s original design. Recently, this claim has been rebutted by the architect himself, who, speaking at Cannes, said that when designing the building he intended to make a break with the traditional high-rise look and provide maximum privacy. Złota’s facade contributes to the building’s unique look and helps create intimate living spaces inside the building.

Speaking of the innovative facade, the advanced technology of the design cannot be left out. The facade is made of around 3500 elements fabricated in a specialized workshop and fitted onto a reinforced concrete structure. This technology of facade fabrication and installation, rarely used in residential construction, ensures higher durability and resistance to environmental conditions. Due to its unique characteristics, the facade of Złota 44 meets the highest standards of environmental protection and comfortable living (it provides sound insulation and ensures low energy consumption).

From the first draft, Złota 44 was designed following the global trend of sustainable construction. The building’s good energy balance is due to the design of the facade structure. Złota 44 is the first triple-glazed high-rise building in Poland. Triple glazing prevents heat loss and cuts energy consumption by about 20%. In addition, a special weather-sensitive coat was applied to the external side of the facade to control light intensity. The coat is invisible to the bare eye.

The facade technology will also provide optimal sound insulation – residents will be able to rest in quiet or surrounded by the sounds of their favorite music oblivious to the hustle and bustle of the city centre. The gaskets that complete the facade structure will reduce both the outside noise and the sounds from other apartments. Residents of Złota 44 will be able to take refuge in the very heart of Warsaw.

The varnished part of the facade underwent the Florida test, proving its resistance to extreme changes in weather. Złota 44 is Poland’s first high-rise structure that successfully passed the whole test process.

In addition to being unorthodox, the innovative facade of Złota 44 is functional and friendly to the environment.

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