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Saunas: time-honoured tradition of wellness at ZŁOTA 44

Work, corporate meetings and business travel are not all there is to life – all those who want to live a well-balanced life should not shy away from rest and should not forget to take care of their health. Fortunately, one of humanity’s amazing inventions, the sauna, has been around for centuries. It helps you relax and stay healthy. At ZŁOTA 44 we embrace a philosophy of wellness, therefore advanced, well-appointed and comfortable saunas can be found not only in the spa areas, but also on our 8th floor.

When you hear the word ‘sauna’, you might think ‘Finland’ which is understandable as – quite incredibly – this northern nation has one sauna for two and a half inhabitants. But the habit of lounging in cabins heated up with hot stones did not originate in the reindeer land. The Finnish people arrived in Europe from Central Asia, which researchers regard as the birthplace of the sauna, the land where its salutary effects were first discovered. The first saunas were in fact dugouts with a hearth in the middle, where water was poured onto hot stones. As time went by, dugouts were replaced by wood structures which, with wood being one of the best natural insulators, kept the heat in for longer. Special wooden cabins started to be built, insulated with moss, in which whole families would congregate. Despite these inauspicious beginnings, Scythian tribes and then Slavs and Finns saw the numerous health benefits of saunas.

The first effect of a sauna bath is the feeling of relaxation – both mental and physical. The time spent enveloped in pleasant warmth brings bliss, relaxes the joints and muscles and relieves pain, producing a pleasant state of full relaxation. Sauna sessions help unclog skin pores as well as cleansing, fighting infections and alleviating all sorts of swellings and eczema. The heat dilates blood vessels, allowing oxygen to travel faster to your body cells, including those in the skin. Higher oxygen levels do wonders for your skin, making it smoother, firmer and visibly rejuvenated. Sauna sessions help cleanse both the skin and the whole body by sweating out toxins. The sauna is also a true blessing for asthma sufferers, markedly strengthening the lungs and boosting their capacity, thus improving the health of the respiratory system. Heating baths are also well-known for considerably boosting the body’s immune system, especially if alternated with cooling baths. Besides, they can help beat insomnia and allergy symptoms.

8th floor of ZŁOTA 44 features two different saunas – dry and wet (steam). The temperature in a wet sauna is normally between 75 and 90°C, with humidity – raised by pouring water on hot stones – reaching up to 100%. This type of sauna is often used by those who want to boost their general health, get rid of toxins and improve skin. Dry saunas are a more extreme proposition, and shouldn’t be indulged more often than once a week. The temperature in a dry sauna may reach 120°C, but the level of humidity should not exceed 15%. Dry saunas are recommended for asthma sufferers and all those who have joint and muscle problems.

The spa zone, which includes the two saunas, is also fitted with an advanced chromotherapy system to deepen relaxation and strengthen the effects of sauna sessions. The well-being of residents is one of the priorities at ZŁOTA 44. In addition to saunas, the recreation floor features boasts a beautifully set swimming pool, a massage parlour, fitness centre and a golf simulator.

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