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Golden Year at ZŁOTA 44

The beginning of the year is usually the time when we look back and summarise the past twelve months, and – typically – firmly promise improvement. At ZŁOTA 44 we do not really have to promise improvement as 2016 was the year we could be truly proud of. This was a special year when we began to reap fruit of our intensive efforts. We are very excited looking into 2017 as it is over the upcoming months that we expect to attain our objectives.

The first key event in which ZŁOTA 44 successfully took part was the success achieved by Warsaw at MIPIM, the reputable international property fair, which took place in March last year in Cannes. One of the exhibitors was BBI Development with its flagship projects: the Praga Koneser Centre, Roma Tower, Marszałkowska Centre and, last but not least, ZŁOTA 44. At that time, the company’s VP Rafał Szczepański said: “One of the indications of Warsaw’s success is the international position of ZŁOTA 44, Poland’s first apartment project that has won huge recognition internationally, in prestigious competitions and among real estate experts and the media”.

Another milestone in the history of the project was the purchase of one of our apartments by the captain of our national football team – Robert Lewandowski. He said that when investing he always tended to pick those projects that he personally likes and in which he sees a true potential. The purchase was also dictated by purely practical reasons – Lewandowski particularly appreciated the recreational floor, whose comprehensive amenities make a perfect addition to sports training.

In July 2016, the apartment sales at ZŁOTA 44 entered a completely new phase – the German investment fund Catella Wohnen Europe purchased as many as nine floors in our residential tower, which is 23% of the total space (72 apartments). “This is an unprecedented transaction in the Polish residential properties market. This is evidence that both ZŁOTA 44 and Poland as such are very positively viewed by investors” – said Michał Skotnicki, CEO of BBI Development.

The moment we were really looking forward to was the presentation of the recreational floor, which took place on 26 October. This event was accompanied by a charity initiative organised by the Omena Mensah foundation. Selected guests were invited to the event, and with their generosity we were able to collect a high sum, which largely contributed to construction of a school for children in Ghana. There were unique objects put on auction – special items from collections of top designers and works of art. The donors included: Tomasz Olejniczak, Dawid Woliński, Robert Lewandowski, Galeria Heban, ZTE brand, Vladimir Volegov or Rafał Olbiński. The auction was topped off by a show of the latest Baroq&Roll collection from Tomasz Olejniczak’s portfolio.

Even though during the year the apartment sales at ZŁOTA 44 were satisfactory, after the opening of the eight  floor, the number of transactions increased significantly. One transaction was in fact made within 24 hours after the Client saw the recreation zone. Doubtless, the decoration standard and the top-class amenities have a big influence on the decisions to buy. We ended 2016 with more than 50% of the apartments sold: in the fourth quarter 2016, ZŁOTA 44 sold 22 apartments in total, and 14 in December alone. The recent successes and the strong sales at the end of 2016, which continue to grow, allow us to believe that 2017 will be equally successful and that by mid-2018 all the apartments at ZŁOTA 44 will be sold.

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