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Enchanted Warsaw – capital draped in holiday finery

In late November and early December cities around the world immerse themselves in fairy tale scenery. Even if the streets are not covered in white or the landscape does not bring winter to mind, myriads of coloured lights begin to shine, conjuring up fancy holiday shapes. For many years Warsaw has emanated a sense of enchantment during the holiday season – the capital of Poland looks great this year too.

The closer you get to the city centre, the more holiday features you may encounter. The usual, prime examples include: The Royal Route (Trakt Królewski), the Old Town, and the palace in Wilanów. However, the illuminations that lit up on the 3 December also covered new places. This year garlands, light curtains, colourful compositions, sparkling icicles have appeared along Aleje Jerozolimskie, Targowa Street, Mokotowska Street or Świętokrzyska Street. The city also has a dozen or so stand-alone decorations, including a great coloured peacock in Aleje Ujazdowskie, a solar system structure at the monument of Nicolaus Copernicus, the ‘cucumber’ red bus carrying huge gifts on Na Rozdrożu square, installation with glaciers and polar bears at Plac Wileński or the gigantic panorama of Warsaw, representing the four symbols of the city – the mermaid, the Palace of Culture and Science, the Sigismund’s Column and ZŁOTA 44. On Plac Grzybowski, you can pass through the Wish Gate and in the Old Town you can marvel at the Shining Carousel complete with sleigh drawn by cute reindeers. Glowing canopies were mounted over some of the Old Town streets, which created light corridors that make ideal places for romantic walks.

The city has been adorned with more than twenty kilometres of charming light decorations, which were appreciated not only by the Warsaw citizens, but also by visitors, who increasingly often choose Warsaw as a destination for their trips around the holiday season. However, the centrepiece of holiday decorations is the 27-meter tall Christmas Tree in Plac Zamkowy. More than 10,000 lights have been installed on it!

ZŁOTA 44 also got in the holiday mood and invited children from the 26 Primary School, with an arts profile, for a special celebration of the Santa Clause Day. Admittedly, for obvious reasons, the gift could not be placed under the pillow, but we have no doubt that it was unforgettable. The talented little artists were invited to arts workshops where, under the watchful eye of the eminent graphic artist Joseph Wilkoń, they created illustrations for the fairy tale by Agnieszka Taborska called ‘Fisherman at the bottom of the sea’.

‘You don’t need to try hard to be with children. Just be with them. This gives me a great joy. And the opportunity to conduct a workshop for children in such beautiful and inspiring interiors, additionally with one of my illustrations on the wall in the recreational zone, is an utmost pleasure’ – said Józef Wilkoń during the workshops. At ZŁOTA 44 we created a space designed specifically for children and families.

It is no coincidence that the recreational floor has a colourful, perfectly equipped playroom, and the swimming pool is divided into two parts, one with shallow water for family relaxation. The cinema room, where children from the 26 Primary School spent time watching cartoons, is a perfect place for family screenings. Doubtless, in a year from now the residents of ZŁOTA 44 will breathe holiday spirit into the interiors of the building and Warsaw will have even more holiday splendour than today as it looks more and more impressive each year.

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