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Diamonds are rare – Robert Lewandowski at ZŁOTA 44

Several weeks ago, the captain of the Polish national football team, one of the best footballers in the world – Robert Lewandowski – purchased an apartment at ZŁOTA 44. The Bayern Munich player has been investing for years, focusing on start-ups and properties. His decisions have always been supported by experts,  so little wonder that Robert Lewandowski’s attention has been drawn to the apartments in the high-rise building designed by Daniel Libeskind. We encourage you to read the interview with the captain of the Polish national team, in which he speaks about Warsaw, the unique investments and obviously about ZŁOTA 44.

You have a house in Warmia, but you reside in Germany. Why have you decided to buy an apartment at ZŁOTA 44?

The purchase of an apartment at ZŁOTA 44 was largely dictated by practical reasons. The building’s sports and recreation floor with its full-size swimming pool, gym or massage room will help me complement my training plan in comfortable conditions and at any time I see fit.

When you return to Warsaw from your foreign trips, how do you feel when you look at your home city?

When I hit the ground in Warsaw, I see magnificent skyscrapers. These buildings empower my city, I enjoy coming back here. When I was a kid, only the Palace of Culture and Science was here. Now, we have ZŁOTA 44, Trade Tower, Rondo 1 and many more. This city has a true vibe, with a mixture of modern buildings and traditional Polish architecture, as in the Old Town.

You are known for investing your savings mainly in promising start-ups and properties. How do you feel when you are making a choice? What are the special features that the business project or property must have?

Among start-ups and properties alike, “diamonds” are rare. For this reason, I try and pick those that are unique and destined for success. With its iconic architecture and superb interiors, ZŁOTA 44 is simply a very attractive investment. This is the only Polish property that has such a reputation and recognition in the world.

You lead an active lifestyle and live in different places around the world. How to you strike a balance between practicing sport at the highest world level and family life?

In Warsaw, I have a family and many friends. I wanted to have my place to live here.  However, due to my sports activity and my busy lifestyle, I visit the city only a few times in a year. The central location, short distance to the airport and the places where I can hang out with my friends and, last but no least, the sports and recreation zone in the building, are quite essential things to me.

Poland is your home country, but due to your sports career you live in different places in the world. Will this be your private residence or an investment project?

I like investing in properties and Poland is now one of the best places in Europe to invest. However, the apartment at ZŁOTA 44 will be my place to live in when I return to Poland. I work a lot and spend most of the year in my club in Germany, but I often return here to join the games of our national team, to meet my family and spend holidays. The skyscraper has a prime location, and will be a perfect place to stay at when I’m here.