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Charity and recreation – presentation of the 8th floor at ZŁOTA 44

Presentation of the eight floor at ZŁOTA 44 was a remarkable and much-awaited event. After the long countdown and hard work, both by designers and contractors, the recreational zone has finally been unveiled, winning applause from the invited guests. However, on the evening of 26 October, it was not only the eight floor that mattered. Presentation of the relaxation zone was accompanied by an unusual, low-key charity initiative organised for the Omenaa Mensah foundation. Thanks to the funds raised, a new school will be built in Ghana already next year!

The recreational floor designed for leisure and relaxation of the future residents of ZŁOTA 44 can be positioned among the world’s best places of such type. Details and the quality of finish play a crucial role here. The leitmotif, which is noted not only on the eight floor, but also across the apartment building’s space, is the combination of classic black, e.g. in the form of exclusive glazing, with strong brass accents. The highlight of the floor is the 25-meter swimming pool, whose basin is made of stainless steel. For the residents’ comfort, the swimming pool has been divided into two zones: one for recreational swimming and the other for a leisurely dip for families with children. The swimming pool and the area around it have been equipped with devices for chromotherapy. The walls and floors were made using an exclusive material: Valser Grau stone.

Lovers of a more active lifestyle will surely enjoy the fitness club consisting of two rooms equipped for cardio and strength training with technology provided by the world’s leading brand TechnoGym. The relaxation zone is complemented with a dry sauna and a steam room as well as with massage rooms where the residents of ZŁOTA 44 will be able to recover after exercise.

Other luxuries can also be found here. The screening room with a golf simulator has been equipped with chairs from the legendary Walter Knoll brand, and the walls have been lined with the highest quality Italian leather, decorated with strips of brass. The golf simulator from Foresight Sport uses the technology of military radars and provides players with eight full-size, 18-hole courses. Without leaving the comfortable recreational zone at ZŁOTA 44, you can be transported to the Congressional Country Club, Celtic Manor or Abu Dhabi Golf Club.

To top it all, you can enjoy the view over Warsaw, with the Palace of Culture and Science in the fore, from the huge, 400-metre terrace. This place is divided into two zones: wet zone, with all-year Jacuzzi and a dry one – with entry to the Residents Club. A discerning feature of the terrace at ZŁOTA 44 is the rich flora, which is consistent with the concept of ecological building.  Another sign of the building’s eco-friendliness, is the eight “apartments” created specifically for the useful, insect-eating birds – swifts.

The opening of the recreational floor at ZŁOTA 44 was one of the landmarks in the history of this project, particularly given the fact that it was accompanied by the unassuming charitable event attended by selected partners. Generous guests visited ZŁOTA 44 to take part in an auction to raise funds for building a school for children in Ghana. Put on the auction were extraordinary items from the collections of the world’s leading designers as well as marvellous works of art. The donors included: Tomasz Olejniczak, Dawid Woliński, Lidia Kalita, Hector&Karger, Natasha Pavluchenko, Robert Lewandowski, Balthazar brand, Heban Gallery, ZTE brand and painters – Vladimir Volegov, Rafał Olbiński and Joanna Sarapata. The auction was closed with presentation of the latest Baroq&Roll collection from Tomasz Olejniczak’s portfolio.

ZŁOTA 44 is very proud to have opened its doors to such noble benefactors. Thanks to the guests who came to the ceremony of opening the recreational floor with the intention to help children in Ghana, the evening of 26 October is bound to stay for long in the hearts of organisers and participants of the event.