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Saunas: time-honoured tradition of wellness at ZŁOTA 44

Work, corporate meetings and business travel are not all there is to life – all those who want to live a well-balanced life should not shy away from rest and should not forget to take care of their health. Fortunately, one of humanity’s amazing inventions, the sauna, has been around for centuries. It helps you […]

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Invoking luck for the New Year

New Year is a rite of passage, a sacred sphere into which we delve to find ourselves in a new reality that is yet to be filled with experiences. Even though the ideas of how to celebrate the New Year have evolved over ages and tend to differ from one region to another, their leitmotiv […]

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Enchanted Warsaw – capital draped in holiday finery

In late November and early December cities around the world immerse themselves in fairy tale scenery. Even if the streets are not covered in white or the landscape does not bring winter to mind, myriads of coloured lights begin to shine, conjuring up fancy holiday shapes. For many years Warsaw has emanated a sense of […]

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