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Poland: Europe’s most attractive property market.
Source: EY, European Real Estate Assets Investment Trend Indicator

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Data in Euros in 2014.

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The favourable gross rental yields in Warsaw, regularly averaging between 7.5% and 8.5%, is one of the key attractions for investors. Compared to similar markets, Warsaw significantly outperforms achievable yields in large European cities such as London (2%-5.5%), Paris (3%-4%), Berlin (3%-4%) and Budapest (6%-7%). The energy and influx of investment coming into Warsaw at the moment is reminiscent of the situation in Berlin several years ago.
Source: Charles Weston-Baker, Head of Residential International, Savills

Spotlight on Warsaw

With the economy booming, land and residential property values in Warsaw are rising and expected to continue to do so due to the unique combination of:

Polish residential market is tagged as having the best prospects in Europe’s real estate industry.
Source: PwC & Urban Land Institute, Emerging Trends in Europe

Why Invest at ZŁOTA 44?

The private rental sector in Warsaw has become a major focus for individual and institutional investors, each looking to take advantage of the exceptionally high returns.

International investors are particularly attracted by the “full-service rental managment” at ZŁOTA 44, with which landlords delegate total day-to-day responsibility for renting and managing their apartments to a professional management team, assuring total convenience and peace of mind.